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Boating in Connecticut is as much a part of life here as barbecues, academia, and a good ol' slice of pizza. But before you get out on our state's beautiful waterways, it's time to protect the time and money you've already invested into your boat. At Max Sadlak Agency, we offer a wide range of coverage solutions for different kinds of watercraft, and we are ready to equip you with a policy that suits your needs.

Get Coverage Tailored to You

Here in Connecticut, we're blessed with an abundance of waterways — lakes and rivers dot the inland areas, while miles of coastline provide further opportunities for boating on the Long Island Sound and out on the Atlantic Ocean itself. At Max Sadlak Agency, we look at your boating preferences and lifestyles, then come up with insurance options that fit. If you're like many boaters in our state, you may need different kinds of coverage to suit your varying needs.

In addition to that, your policy will also be adjusted to suit various factors like the size of your boat, the frequency you use it, your activities (fishing, recreational cruising, etc.) and the amount of passengers you normally carry, among other things.

The Risks of Not Having Insurance

Now, boat/watercraft insurance is not legally required in the state of Connecticut but going without it can still lead to serious repercussions. If you are in an accident involving another boater or someone else's property, for example, you could end up getting sued for the damages. Even if there is nobody else involved, the cost of your own damages can be too much to handle out of pocket.

It's also worth noting that if you are financing your boat, you may be required under contract to have insurance. If you do not, your financier may be entitled to repossess your boat.

Whether you have questions about your boat insurance options in Connecticut or are ready to get started, we invite you to give us a call today!

Motorcycle Insurance

There are certain people that feel that they have a connection with the road. For them, there is a sense of freedom as they set out on two wheels with the purpose of cruising as the sunsets. To them, their motorcycle is the one vehicle that they must protect at all costs. It is their pride and joy. If you are a person that loves to ride and need insurance to protect your bike, then there are some things that you should know to make sure that it is protected right in Connecticut.

Understanding the Best Coverage For Your Bike

Each motorcycle is unique. Its owner will usually add and remove parts in order to fashion the bike to their tastes. You will need a policy that has the right coverage options in order to protect those special items.

  • Consider adding accessory coverage. This type of coverage is added when you make modifications to your bike. This option will cover all enhancements and equipment that you install on your bike.
  • Gap coverage is an important option if you have a loan on the bike. Gap coverage takes care of the gap between the value of the bike and the amount left on your loan. The last thing you want to have happened to you is to be left with a loan and no bike in case it is totaled in an accident.
  • You will want to have roadside assistance on your policy. Sometimes your bike will breakdown on the side of the road. This option will allow you to call for help with no out of the pocket expense.

Owning a motorcycle is a status symbol that you will want to protect. If you are looking for the right policy, then call us at Max Sadlak Agency today. Together we can get you an insurance policy that is right for your riding adventure.

Umbrella Insurance

Max Sadlak Agency, Connecticut is a leading insurance agency in Vernon, Hartford, and surrounding areas. We are assisting people every day to find the right insurance to fit their needs and budget. We are seasoned and skilled in the insurance industry. Check out our two CT locations. Give us a call at one of the listed numbers below and access our website for more information. Stop by and visit us for a free no-obligation quote today.

Do you understand what umbrella insurance coverage is and if you need this type of insurance? The following are some common questions we hear regarding umbrella insurance.

Q. What is Umbrella Insurance?
A. This insurance protects your liability that goes beyond what your insurance covers. When your claim is more than what your insurance policy pays, umbrella insurance pays beyond that amount.

Q. What does Umbrella Insurance cover?
A. If your policy does not cover items such as false imprisonment, slander, or libel your umbrella policy will cover and goes beyond what your policy pays.

Q. Is there anything that an umbrella policy not cover?
A. This policy does not cover your costs. This coverage is in force to cover you if you are sued when damages are found your fault. It will not pay for anything that your primary policy does not cover.

Q. Is it worth it for me to buy umbrella coverage?
A. The point of this coverage is to make sure your assets worth at least one million dollars are protected in the event you are sued. This policy covers you in the event you lose your lawsuit. It pays your legal expenses and protects your assets. If you win the lawsuit your umbrella policy pays your legal fees. This policy is set in place to protect you for events happening in your home or car where you are responsible for damages to other persons or you caused injuries to another person.

We Also Offer Coverage For:

  • Snowmobile
  • Golfcart

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